Nick Penn - Corporate Comedy

a consummate corporate
comedy presentation

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Nick Penn - Comedy Video

A skilled corporate communicator with years of laughs,

Nick Penn

  • Memorises the names of guests

  • Delivers warm routines and songs using the information supplied by yourself

  • Encourages your delegates to reveal personal information about themselves with hilarious results

  • Brings out the best in your people

Motor Industry,
Hyundai Automotive Distributors

'Not only were we impressed by the research you did on our company to personalise the act, but the sales staff were repeating the jokes in laughter for days to come.'

Alan Crouch

General Sales Manager

Insurance Industry

'Thanks again for your fantastic show. I know it took a lot of preparation and it was especially fun because you included every person. We all had such a great time and we were still laughing the next day.

Lynette Nikitaras
Executive Assistant

Retail Conference,

Camping World Australia

'Many Delegates commented on the quality of your gig and the extended research you had obtained so they could relate and involve themselves with your comedy act'.

Kerry Foan,

Office Manager


WHK Greenwoods

'Clever jokes, musical wonder with the didgeridoo, and creative staff newsletter brought the house down. Nick was a genius and any function would benefit from his presence.'

Chris Plowes,